Sunday, April 5, 2009

Leavin' on a Jet Plane!!!

Tom and I leave for Lithuania, tomorrow night at 9:00PM. Actually, that is when we leave for the airport. Our plane doesn't leave until Tuesday morning at 1:00 AM. Almost all international flights arrive and depart at around midnight here in Bangkok. We make at least one or two airport runs a month around here and sometimes considerably more than that. At least at that time of night there is no traffic to speak of, so actually that is not as bad as it sounds convenience-wise. It is a quick trip there and back when you don't have to fight the horrible Bangkok traffic.

We will be out of the office for a month, but now we have a way to do stuff on our office computers without even being there. Don't ask me how all this works. It is some kind of virtual networking stuff that is way over my head. Please pray for our staff as they will be here fending for themselves. None of them drive except Pook and she doesn't have a driver's license. So they will have a perfectly good van sitting here and all they have to do is talk Pook into going to get a license. She can and does drive, but she really needs to get her license renewed. It expired about 3 years ago, and she never got around to doing anything about it.

Noah will be back in town today sometime. He has decided to work with us full-time here at the Bangkok office, and we are really excited about this. There is also the possibility of hiring another young man who lives on the border, who can't leave there. However, and this is really nice, we have the translating office there on the border for him. God is good and many of these Burmese translating projects are really coming together.

The laundry is all done and hanging out to dry. All that is left is the packing and that will be the tricky part. Now travelers are only allowed one 50 # bag and a dinky little carry-on. This does present a problem when you have to carry computers to keep the work from grinding to a halt while you are gone, video equipment and cameras for filming and taking pictures of the grandkids, a ton of gifts, and another ton of stuff our daughter wants us to bring her because it is much cheaper to buy here. Good thing she has a washing machine, because we aren't going to have much room in our bags for unimportant incidentals like clothes :)