Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's Been Long Time

Hello Friends,

It's been a very long time since I have updated this blog. Basically this should bring you up to date on us on everything that has happened since moving to Chiang Mai. We have lived here a little over 3 months. It has been a time of great progress in many ways.

It took us quite a while to get settled in up here as far as living is concerned. We got the office up and running quickly and then we turned our attention to our living quarters. The office, and Tom and my house share one house. The house is divided perfectly for us to be able to share the one facility. It gives us the added security of living in the same place with all of the expensive computer and video equipment. It also makes going to work in the morning easy. Just walk across to the other side of the house. Hey, it works for me. The only room we share with the office is the kitchen, but it is working out very well. Everybody does their part keeping things put away and keeping it cleaned up.

The ladies' dorm is another house right behind ours. We have steps going over the wall to keep from having to walk around the block to get to the office, so it is just steps away. The men's dorm is in a shop house down the road a little way. Noah, our Burmese translator, lives upstairs and we have literature stored downstairs. Later on, we may have to acquire another house for the men's dorm and turn the shop house into just storage, but for now this is working.

A little over a month ago now, Tom had a major accident when he fell through a plate glass closet door. He cut his arm at the elbow very deeply and had to have two hospitalizations and one surgery to repair the damages to the nerves in his arm. He is still having trouble healing and is still in some pain, but should make a full recovery, but it will take several months to do so. Please continue to pray for him.

Noah has finished re-typesetting the Burmese Bible and it is now ready for printing. This job took the better part of a year and Noah is ecstatic that it is now completed. He has now turned his attention to the many other projects in Burmese that are awaiting him. He is working hard and turning these translation jobs out as fast as he can.

Carolyn and Pook are working on various projects and are both doing well. Carolyn has found a Chinese physician who is treating her for various health related problems and she is responding well to the treatments.

We are looking forward to Jeff and Sarah Evans coming over the middle of August and also April Wilson from our home church in Fort Worth. We know that they will be a great asset as they have all proven themselves to be in the past. April will be working on video projects and the Evans family will be working on various computer related stuff and many other things as well.

The "Good and Evil" project is being worked on in several languages. We are struggling with the Russian translation of the book at the moment. There are many tribulations with the Russian language edition. Over the past many years, the devil has always fought particularly hard against anything in the Russian language and the G&E project is no exception. Please pray.

Please pray for our country this 4th of July! It seems like the news from all over the world points to the Lord's soon return for His own. Amen! Even so come, Lord Jesus!!

Hopefully things will settle down a little now and I will be able to keep up with this blog better and more often. Pray for me also. I am not getting any younger and I am definitely getting more tired by the day. I want to thank all of you who give and pray for this ministry and for Tom and I in particular. We appreciate it very much.